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2 new major projects for SMC2!
15.06 2015

Renowned for its expertise in innovative envelopes such as composite membranes, SMC2 is proud to announce its participation in two major projects: manufacturing a roof and facade textile covering for a 15,000 m² world-class sports complex in Miramas, and installing composite membrane roofing for all 8 protected courts at Europe’s biggest tennis academy in the Sophia Antipolis Technology Park.


A 15,000 m² sports complex in Miramas
As part of a project backed by the French Athletics Federation, the town of Miramas in southern France’s Bouches-du-Rhône department will be home to a 15,000 m² sports complex seating 5,500 to 7,500 spectators. This stadium will host world-class athletics competitions and other competitive events including handball, basketball, boxing and judo. At other times, it will be the daily training venue for professional athletes and schoolchildren, and will also be dedicated to sport research.
SMC2 will be tasked with designing and producing a “wave form composite membrane roof and facade” to cover the entire complex. Offering players and public a high degree of comfort thanks to the natural zenithal lighting it provides, this material is outstandingly strong when stretched on a metal hoop roof frame, which also gives it its wave-like look. This is why the biggest sports facilities in the world are using it: Olympic stadiums in London and Berlin, F1 racing circuit in Kuala Lumpur.
The worksite is poised to kick off this autumn and the building is scheduled for delivery in the second half of 2016.


Mouratoglou, Europe’s biggest tennis academy
A part of the Sophia Antipolis Technology Park, the town of Biot saw Europe’s biggest tennis academy break ground on 12 April last. Mouratoglou will be a worldwide academic centre dedicated to tennis. Featuring 35 courts and 10,000 m2 of buildings, the campus will be home to conference rooms, offices, specialised stores, a medical centre and boarding facilities. A 4-star hotel, tourist apartments and swimming pools will also grace the site.
Project-leading architect Dan Costa Foru (Archi & Partners International) has selected SMC2 to design the roof frame and textile canopy for all 8 covered courts in the tennis cluster. As the Alpes-Maritimes region is famous for its sunshine, and because the textile roofing has low thermal inertia and consistent natural lighting, sports can be safely practiced without suffering from heat or shadow/glare spots.
Delivery is scheduled for April 2016.