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Centre de tri Bègles (33)
16.06 2022

For the extension of the Bordeaux Métropole waste recovery centre (Bègles – 33), SEG-FAYAT called on SMC2 to produce the building’s roof and facades in textile membrane.

An innovative textile membrane installation technique

Over a surface area of 5390m², our team installed a textile membrane roof over a metal framework. The innovation of this project lies in the installation technique used: tensioning by lacing. The tensioned envelope was not made up of a single fabric but of several 14m x 14m fabric modules, laid one by one using a mobile crane. SMC2 had to manufacture a specific assembly jig for this project.


Our team also installed 3360m² of textile membrane for the facades of the sorting centre extension.

The choice of the textile membrane

The textile membrane was chosen for the sorting centre because it has many advantages. Its translucency allows for natural, homogeneous and harmonious lighting within the building. Its flexibility prevents the reverberation of sound, allowing acoustics to be controlled. The atmosphere can be regulated thanks to temperature and hygrometry management.

The sorting centre’s employees are thus assured of better working conditions within this extension.

SMC2’s know-how extended to various fields

.Although SMC2’s expertise was originally applied to the field of sports, it also extends to the tertiary sector, industry and games. A textile membrane dome for a cement factory, a timber frame canopy for a waste disposal site, work offices for a company, playgrounds for a local authority… numerous projects illustrate the extent of our know-how. Feel free to browse our website to find out more.