Indoor Football Pitch Design

Covered football pitch construction
Covered football pitch construction

SMC2 planned and constructed ‘Le Complexe’ in the French town of Manosque.


The complex contains four to five futsal fields, three courts for the racquet sport padel, which is derived from tennis, as well as a restaurant, lounge, and a business area.


The type of roofing and questions on the subject of temperature and the cost play an important role when it comes to building a soccer hall.


The textile construction technology employed by SMC2 provides a resource saving and cost-efficient solution for attractive buildings with a high level of comfort. Textile-based construction draws on natural materials: A textile membrane is drawn over a predominantly wooden frame. This means that the materials used are renewable or can be used again, such as those used for the textile membrane.


Textile-based construction also conserves resources in other regards. No additional lighting is required during the day for a complex such as the soccer hall in Manosque, since daylight is distributed evenly through the membrane. Air-conditioning units and heating devices for regulating temperature also become redundant because the membrane prevents the hall from overheating or getting too cold. So it is not only the environment that benefits, but also the owner, since the operating costs are significantly lower than in conventional structures thanks to the textile-based construction.


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