All our structures are composed of elements manufactured in the workshops using a rigorous industrial process and the BIM (Building Information Model) design method.

  • 3D Digital modelling: The design office creates a complete 3D model of the structure jointly with the client and the architect in order to properly manage the interfaces and building details.
  • Nomenclature: Computerised list of all the components in the structure along with their quantity and quality.
  • Production files: Computerised print of the production files for each part making up the 3D model.
  • Production: Production of all components using CAD.
  • Packaging: Packaging by component family with references according to the nomenclature.
  • Assembly: Dry assembly of all components on site using an assembly plan generated from the 3D digital model. The dry construction sector is an evolution of the construction industry towards higher productivity through the use of mechanically assembled lightweight materials such as steel or timber. Compared to the “wet” construction sector, the dry sector requires no water. It allows for environmentally friendly construction. The building process is quieter and cleaner. Delivery times are reduced as there are no drying times (as opposed to concrete, cement and plaster).

SMC2 proposes industrial production methods for building and architecture. Our structures, which are entirely manufactured in the workshop, have the following advantages:

  • Rapidité d’exécution.
  • Fiabilité technique.
  • Maîtrise des coûts.
  • Faibles nuisances sur les chantiers.
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