SMC2 solutions in playground canopy design showcase the use of a composite membrane and its many advantages. Architectural freedom, money-saving, comfortable and ecological…discover all these advantages today!


Respect for architecture
The wooden and metal framework on which the canopy is fixed offers great freedom in design thanks to the broad scope of these materials. The canopy meets the requirements established at the beginning of the project whilst easily adapting to every location, to enhance the existing buildings.


Comfort for the children
Children can play safely under the composite membrane canopy on very hot days. With its low thermal inertia, the temperature under the canopy does not rise. Children can enjoy being outside in the sunlight (thanks to the natural overhead lighting) without any risk from UV rays or sunstroke.


An economical canopy
School budgets are always delicate to manage and that is why SMC2 integrates the fabric cover in the design of its playground canopies. As well as its many qualities, it is cheaper than materials traditionally used for the same lifespan.


Teach by example
Today, we teach our children to act responsibly and ecologically. It would therefore seem normal to teach by example and build a canopy that respects the environment. All the elements in our playground canopies including the composite membrane have a low ecological impact and are 100% recyclable. Their implementation helps save energy, with a shorter construction time-frame and less use of machines.