SMC2 has developed a panoramic tower with a glulam structure. This recreational tower allows users, young and old, to climb up high and admire the views over the surroundings far below before sliding back down to the ground and enjoying exhilarating sensations. The company built its first recreational tower for Prabouré’s Mountain Activity Park (Parc d’Activités de Montagne de Prabouré) in France in the summer of 2021. With its entrance set at a height of 30 metres above the ground, this is the highest dry slide in France!


With a cultural and educational vocation, the recreational tower enables people of all ages to enjoy a fun and sociable experience. It is a vantage point, a landmark, enabling visitors to explore the area from a new angle in order to understand and appreciate it more and therefore to protect it better.  It brings an added attraction to the region and furthers the development of its local economy.

Thanks to this tower, professionals from the ski and mountain industry can offer sports and leisure activities even when there is no snow.