With industrial-scale production methods and the best digital tools at its disposal, SMC2 can meet every industry demand for construction and architecture with solid guarantees: quick production, technical reliability, cost control and low pollutant levels at their work sites.


From design to execution: qualified teams
From the upstream design to construction in the field, our team masters every technology that has made SMC2 what it is today. The company boasts engineers and designers who study and analyse the structures and envelopes that our architects and graphic designers imagine. All with a serious and applied economic approach with finance advisors managing the construction budgets.
Throughout the project, our teams work closely with you remaining focused on your requirements using the 3D “BIM” method, a digital modelling tool for designing and analysing the project from end to end in real-time, making sure it meets your ideas and desires perfectly. In the field, our best craftsmen are managed by an experienced and passionate team manager. He makes sure the work is being executed correctly in terms of quality, deadlines and safety.


Wooden construction, fabric architecture: many technologies mastered
To meet the economic and ecological challenges companies in France and the rest of the world are currently facing, SMC2 has mastered many varied architectural and construction techniques which can be combined to enhance their intrinsic qualities. All the materials used in your projects are chosen for their recognised technical and ecological performance (solidity, durability, thermal qualities, acoustic qualities, recycling, low carbon footprint).

This is why we use wood, composite membrane (fabric roof) and metals like steel for the design of your structures, panels, façades and roofs. The result is structural optimisation and elegant, economical and ecological buildings.