construction de skatepark plein air
construction skatepark couvert



An “indoor-outdoor” skate park construction solution that allows you to skate outside all year round with dry and non-slippery ramps

Covered open air skate parks without a facade are designed for regular use all year round, sheltered from the weather. This facility is particularly interesting for towns and clubs that have limited available land space and cannot have both outdoor and indoor parks on the same site.


Free access is a permanent invitation to skate all year round, whatever the weather. This free access also promotes social cohesion to live better together and the natural lighting enhances convivial spaces open to all.


The design of an open air skate park is based on high environmental and architectural quality: it combines a glue-laminated timber structure with a translucent textile membrane roof.
Our textile membrane roofs have a 17 year guarantee. Their curved shapes inspired by the world’s major sports facilities are intemporal.


Our optimised construction systems using textile membrane make it possible to build a skate park with a very low environmental impact in terms of investment and operation. Our structures have a life cycle analysis that validates the environmental performance of our building techniques.