construction skatepark indoor
construction skatepark tempéré



SMC2 proposes a cost effective and environmentally friendly concept: temperate skate parks at up to 12°C.
Temperate skate parks to 12°C are built using single or double wall textile covers.
Thermal comfort is provided by gas radiant panels combined with an exclusive SMC2 air handling system.


SMC2 proposes an exterior building that blends into the environment, as well as a spacious and bright interior environment that allows all the movements in space of boardsports.


Completely covered with a technical textile, the structure was designed to please sportsmen and sportswomen. Its characteristics and modularity make it a sports facility that is particularly liked by skaters.


The design of a temperate skate park is based on high environmental and architectural quality: it combines a glue-laminated timber frame with a translucent textile membrane roof.
Our textile membrane roofs have a 17 year guarantee. Their curved shapes inspired by the world’s major sports facilities are intemporal.
The air handling and double-walled roof provide thermal comfort without any risk of condensation.


Temperate skate parks are an up to 50% cheaper investment than skate parks heated to 16°C. Using these savings, local authorities can also build a clubhouse that contributes to the club’s quality of life and its activities. Our timber frame clubhouses are compliant with the French RT2012 standard and are high environmental quality.


Our optimised building systems using textile membranes combined with a rational use of energy to regulate building temperatures, make it possible to build a structure with a very low investment and operational environmental impact. Our structures have a life cycle analysis that validates the environmental performance of our techniques.

Building a temperate skate park is a smart way to control your budgets and protect our planet.


The facades are studied jointly with the architects to allow the structure to merge perfectly into its context and its site with compositions using all wall coverings: metal, wood, composite or mineral cladding… The textile facades can be screen printed to customise the structure and stage it.


SMC2 building systems have CSTB technical agreements.