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The fabric envelope is a prestigious technology that has been used on major international constructions :


  • London’s Olympic Stadium in 2012.
  • Marseilles’ Olympic Stadium in 2013.
  • Kuala Lumpur’s Formula One circuit in 2002.

These membranes are appreciated for their translucence, freedom of shape and technical performance :


  • High mechanical resistance
  • Thermal quality
  • Acoustic quality

Implementation on either steel or wood frameworks. They are fully recyclable.

Tensile Fabric Structure Tensile Structures Tensile Structures

Berlin Olympic Stadium

This stadium was not built by SMC2, it is merely cited as an example

Tensile Fabric Structure



The fabric envelopes are made from polyester treated with PVC and a dirt-repellent varnish. On average, their properties are as follows : 


  • Thickness: 1-2mm
  • Weight: 700 -1,500g/m2
  • Traction resistance 300-800daN/5cm in both directions
  • Colour: white or specified colour
  • Translucence 5-30%
  • Fluoride polymer based dirt-repellent varnish
  • 15-year product guarantee

Canvas properties are defined for each construction, in particular after calculating breaking strength according to the tension induced by local weather conditions.



In compliance with the recommendations of the European Design Guide for Tensile Surface Structure, fabric envelope covers must be implemented with an inverted double curve to ensure perfect mechanical stability and long life.

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Tensile Fabric Structure
Tensile Fabric Structure
Tensile Fabric Structure