Invest in transparency and lightness with a modern, 100% recyclable material.




Due to their fluid and aerial forms, metal-textile structures are our hallmarks. They are a sign of modern architecture. The sleekness of the framework combined with the elegance of the assembly and connection details allows for a wide variety of structural and architectural expressions. Our integrated design office calculates and designs all types of structures without any limits to its creativity. The translucency of the textiles makes it possible to use light and shade to better enhance your covered spaces.



“Textile facades enhance your projects with a variety of architectural expressions depending on textures, translucencies, colours, screen printing…
Façades are part of structure weatherproofing using building techniques benefiting from technical agreements. They make it possible to create bioclimatic shells in particular by controlling solar energy and energy loss.

They can be combined with all other facade materials (timber, steel, mineral, composite) to create unique and varied architectural expressions.”