Our commitments


A streamlined process

We constantly strive to perfect our methods, resources and processes – it is part of our DNA. We pay particular attention to, and place special effort on ensuring that we maintain state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise. Whilst delivering our current offerings on a daily basis we never cease researching the market in fields not necessarily associated with construction, seeking out new engineering design ideas (e.g. advanced software for parametric design) ; new material developments and industrial processes that we can take on board and use in our building systems: We are proponents for the efficient use of the latest technology in the service of construction.


3d BIM design

  •  In-house consultants combine their complementary expertise: engineers, designers, architects, graphic designers and estimators.
  • In depth know-how of the technologies we use: timber structures, metal structures, surface tensile envelopes, etc.
  • Engineering using digital 3D modelling and BIM methodology (Building Intelligence Modelling).
  • Bespoke assessment and expertise for each and every project down to the smallest of details and ability to update and disseminate data in real time.



  • Process engineering.
  • Automation and CNC machining to deliver quality and precision.
  • Maximum efficiency in manufacture as integrated BIM software allows 3D design files to be used for direct machining.
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacture.



  • Pre-fabricated factory finished elements delivered to site.
  • Fast and efficient sequencing of the on-site assembly process.
  • Experienced site foreman and skilled teams ensure the safe and efficient implementation of the works.



  • Our customer support extends beyond the delivery of your building.
  • Guarantee and maintenance post-delivery.
  • An after-sales services which is reactive
  • A dedicated Contract Manager as your point of contact.

single interlocutor


Our regional sales engineer will arrange an initial meeting with you to understand your project goals. Together we will prioritise the architectural features and preferences that you require and at the same time gain a thorough understanding of the challenges that the project’s environment, budget and local planning constraints might present.

You have our ear and our expertise in helping determine the best solution and design brief for your project.

We accompany you from the very start of your project.


The sales engineer will work with our in-house team of experts made up of architects, engineers, graphic designers, and estimators, to transmit a comprehensive design solution proposal to you that includes outline plans, images, technical specifications and a detailed budget price.


We will nominate one of our highly experienced Contract Managers to manage the logistics and execution of your project. He or she is your dedicated point of contact and will be in complete command of the construction process assuring that we deliver you a high quality product on time and on budget.

The Contract Manager is your constant link to the project build and will always be on hand for you throughout the entire project works. They will keep you informed of progress and will answer any questions that you may have along the way whether they be of a technical, logistical or administrative nature. They will ensure that you are entirely satisfied and that our contractual obligation to you is fully met.

In carrying out your project, we will respect your values and we commit to ensuring that the highest standards of health and safety are maintained throughout so as to guaranty no harm comes to our workforce, the public or the environment.


Creativity / costs / quality / deadlines

Our unique process and our multi-disciplinary in-house teams focus on listening, liaison and dialogue, enabling us to guarantee the smooth rollout of your project; from the initial idea to the final outcome.


Our knowhow of the process of design and transformation of tensile surface membrane materials and framed structures means that we can unleash our creative imagination to explore and produce all types of designs that make the most of these materials without the constraints imposed by traditional construction methods.


3D modelling at design phase means that we can ensure we have included and itemised each and every component part thus ensuring accurate costing, the adherence to which is then guaranteed.


Factory pre-fabrication by ISO 9001 certified manufacturers enables us to shorten production times and ensure quality standards. Pre-fabrication optimises on-site construction efficiency.


We are committed to carrying out our work with an attention to detail and a desire to deliver a first-class installation. That is why each site is managed by an experienced team leader who ensures that the project is carried out with care. Construction is fast yet thoughtfully managed. The build is undertaken by a dedicated team who take pride in what they do.