Multi-sports préosport®

Covered MUGA Construction – Sports MUGA Canopy

Our covered multi-sport (or multi-use-games areas (MUGAs) in the UK ) are designed for playing a multitude of sports all year round whilst sheltered from bad weather.

This turnkey open-air facility is ten times more economical than a traditional sports hall in terms of its initial capital investment and operational costs.

The construction speed is a major advantage: built in just one month once on site, they can be erected over existing play spaces without disruption or the need for mass concrete foundations.

Their architectural design brings together glued-laminated timber (or a combination of timber and steel) with a translucent membrane roof. Different façades can be added: wood panelling, louvre walls, micro-perforated tensile façades, etc.

Free access – a permanent invitation to practice sport that fosters social inclusion & community connection.

Natural light enhances these convivial spaces that are open to all, for fun & play.

Play equipment is incorporated into the superstructure that will delight both young and old. The mixing of sport and play sheltered beneath a bright roof will enable everyone to engage in their favourite activity for hours of fun.