Coverage of bowling greens for year-round use

Highly sought after in the French market where playing boules is a national pastime, our boulodromes offer the highest of standards for playing all types of boules (petanque, boules Lyonais , Breton boules, Provençale bowls, etc.) all year round. They represent a solution which is suited to the demands of both amateurs as well as competitive players of these sports, who can engage in their passion year-round inside pleasant surroundings.

We will deliver the solution best suited to your project that respect the wishes of your players: from a covered courtyard to a closed building, or a building with sliding facades; players can enjoy the outdoors during the summer months and be sheltered during the winter months.

We can put our structures over existing boules areas, either covering them fully or partially.

Construction of turnkey indoor boulodromes

We would be pleased to discuss the unique aspects of boulodromes with you, such as the need to include abutments and the need to provide irrigation.

Boulodromes are social spaces which are often used for much more than just playing this sport. This is why we like to offer different turnkey solutions. We can explore options for including seating stands, washrooms and WC’s, meeting rooms, and storage spaces.

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