Structures and envelopes

With engineering techniques specialised in the design of structures and tensile envelopes, SMC2 works with architects and designers to create bold new elegant structures.

We are at your side from conception to fruition, modelling each detail of the design and making the virtual become a reality: bold design delivered with complete control over budgets and schedules.

Our offer

Timber frames

Tensile roofs add character to a building thanks to the fluidity and airiness of the forms created. They have become a hallmark of contemporary architecture.
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Parametric architecture

Parametric architecture challenges our preconceived ideas of what buildings should be. It can be used to create forms with almost no visible corners or sharp edges that evoke the feeling of one continuous fluid space.
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Green envelopes

Taming concrete jungles, combating global warming, reconnecting with nature, providing coolness and shade; the reintegration of plant life…
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