Textile membranes do not store heat nor transfer it to the interiors of our halls; our facilities remain temperate. Being white, our membrane roofs reflect 90% of solar radiation.

Ample natural ventilation ensures optimal comfort for players even during hot conditions.

In the fight against global warming, we advise against the use of air-conditioning in our sports hall facilities.

Comfort during the summer is passively provided by the specialised architecture.

  1. Wood: never gets too hot and doesn’t accumulate heat
  2. White textile membranes: never too hot, prevents overheating
  3. Open facades: effective natural ­ventilation
  4. Louvred sun screens: prevents direct sunlight
  5. Summer dress code


Our facilities for dynamic sport incorporate hygrothermal controls (control of humidity and temperature) to keep humidity low and limit heat loss experienced by the players.

In the combat against global warming, we advise against heating our facilities used for dynamic sport, or limiting hea­­­ting to no more than 12°C.

Supplementary heating can be supplied by a system of energy-efficient radiant heaters fitted at ceiling level. The radiant panels emit heat similar to that of the sun by warming the surfaces and the users without heating the entire air volume within the hall. The system is furthermore only set to operate when the hall is in use.