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Construction Gymnasium EcoLesponsibilities Board
27.02 2015


We believe that business activity is not incompatible with ecology and that an entity can carry out effective economic actions while respecting the environment. This is why SMC2 offers companies and communities functional, economical and ecological construction solutions.

Efforts at all stages of production and design
In an eco-responsible approach and in order to guarantee high environmental quality buildings, SMC2 optimises every element that contributes to the realisation of its projects: from the production of materials to the construction techniques. Thus, to reduce our energy costs, the density of the materials used has been reduced and exclusive construction techniques have been developed to promote low-nuisance building sites (dry process, low use of machinery, recycling of all waste).

Ecological materials
SMC2 designs use only environmentally friendly materials throughout their life cycle. The wood comes from sustainably managed European forests and all other materials are 100% recyclable. Also, the structures designed allow energy costs to be minimised thanks to the intrinsic qualities of these eco-materials: rainwater collection, natural lighting of textiles, thermal comfort of wood, etc.

Evaluating its environmental impact and finding solutions
At SMC2, we are constantly questioning our processes with the aim of perpetual improvement. This is why each sports structure is subjected to a “Life Cycle Assessment” in order to evaluate its ecological impact and integrate it into the environment as well as possible. We also pay close attention to our own carbon footprint in order to improve our actions and reduce it to a minimum. As proof, a saving of 18 Tons of CO2 was made in 2013!