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Tennis indoor - Ennezat
05.07 2022

On 24 June, the tennis complex in Ennezat was inaugurated, a tennis hall designed and built by SMC2!

The tennis complex in a few words

This tennis complex consists of two indoor courts, two outdoor courts and a clubhouse.

SMC2 was responsible for the construction of the indoor tennis hall, a new project that showcases our team’s expertise. With these two new courts, players will be able to practice in the best conditions in a bright tennis hall with a regulated atmosphere and temperature.

The clubhouse also completes the indoor tennis facilities. It offers all the comfort to the spectators so that they can enjoy the match in progress. The windows overlooking the court allow the spectators to see the athletes while sitting comfortably and enjoying a snack for those who wish to do so.

The construction system of this tennis hall

This comfort for the sportsman is possible thanks to our construction system. The structure is a mixed wood and steel frame. The roof of this tennis complex is made of a textile membrane, as are the façades. Part of the facades (10m²) is also screen-printed. The combination of these noble materials allows sportsmen and women to practice in a building with a low ecological footprint, with natural light thanks to the translucency of the textile membrane. The hygrothermal system and the efficient ventilation enhance the comfort of the sportsman, who can play in the hall all year round without suffering from excessive temperature differences.

The tennis hall has been constructed with a resin sports floor, which gives the players a better grip and allows them to strengthen their footing. The flat surface of the floor contributes to the comfort of the game and guarantees the quality of the ball’s rebound.

A tennis complex that saves money

The Ennezat town hall can thus benefit from a tennis complex that is aesthetically pleasing, environmentally responsible and also economical. The lighting and thermal characteristics of this tennis hall limit operating costs with reduced use of artificial lighting and heating. By following SMC2’s advice, significant savings can be made. A 12-degree temperature is sufficient to provide thermal comfort for the players. With sports clothing adapted to the season, the physical effort made by the body during tennis matches is enough for the players not to be cold in winter. On the other hand, in the summer, the white colour of the textile membrane coupled with good ventilation prevents the temperature in the hall from rising too high.

For more information on our indoor tennis construction know-how or on our sports buildings in general, contact us! The sales team dedicated to your region will be happy to answer your questions.