On Saturday 19 January 2013, Jean Gachassin, President of the French Tennis Federation, inaugurated Istres’ René Davini sports complex, which features four indoor tennis courts designed and built by SMC2.


Istres’ 3,000 m² René Davini sports complex features four indoor clay tennis courts, several squash courts and a club house. SMC2 and the architect, Mr Rill, were chosen to design and construct the indoor tennis courts.


This sports complex has two unique features. The first one is the use of synthetic clay. This surface consists of bound ceramic aggregates with a brick dust top coat. The court does not need watering, does not generate dust, which facilitates the maintenance of this confined area. In addition, the courts are covered with a translucent fabric membrane roof, providing optimal brightness during the day with no need for additional lighting.


The presence of all elected officials concerned, along with Jean Gachassin, attests to the importance of the completion of this unique structure in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’azur region. In his inaugural address, René Raimondi, president of the Ouest Provence conurbation syndicate, the main source of funding for the project, extolled the merits of SMC2’s infrastructure: “This is a high-quality infrastructure, a magnificent complex which will now allow Istres to nurture future talent.”


Jean-Pierre Martinez, vice-President of Istres Sport Tennis, highlighted “how lucky his club is to have such high-quality facilities”.


Jean Gachassin, for his part, said he “often inaugurates tennis clubs and complexes, and this is one of the most beautiful I have seen since I was elected. The members are lucky to have these beautiful and practical facilities; it’s a rarity!”


Watch a video of Jean Gachassin’s complete interview here: