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Construction Athletics Textile Architecture
27.02 2017

Miramas (Bouches du Rhône department) is home to the project backed by the French Athletics Federation involving a 15,000 m2 sports complex with a seating capacity of 5,500 to 7,500. This stadium will host international athletics competitions and other sports events including handball, basketball, boxing and judo. It will also be a daily training venue for professional and school athletes, as well as a place dedicated to sports research.


SMC2 is in charge of the roof frame and tensile fabric roofing that will cover the complex. Providing both athletes and spectators with a high level of comfort thanks to its natural lighting, this material is particularly strong and delivers optimum conditions for sporting performance.


In fact, the double tensile fabric membrane over the competition hall, unlike other systems, provides total control over solar factor, even light without any dazzle, and shadow-free lighting conditions that are ideal for competitive athletics.


A few key figures:


  • SMC2’s work package: M€ 5 excluding VAT


  •  Timeframe:
    • Engineering: 24 months
    • Construction: 12 months


  • End of the operation: springtime 2017


  • Architect: Chabanne Architecte (69)


  • 2 main volumes:
    • 80x120m athletics hall, wood/steel trellis
    • Gymnasium: 25x67m, engineered wood beams


  • Materials:
    • 1,200m3 glulam wood
    • 200 tonnes steel
    • 25,000 braces
    • 30,000m2 tensile fabric