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The practice of petanque by all times: covered or indoor bouledromes
07.02 2020

With no less than 600 000 members in 94 countries on the 5 continents, the least we can say is that petanque is an international sport, which goes far beyond the borders of France.



Petanque, invented in the south of France and whose origins go back to Gallo-Roman times, is a true national symbol, a sport that cannot be ignored in France, whether it is for a moment of play between friends or for official club competitions.

A symbol of conviviality, good times shared and relaxation, petanque is one of the most practiced sports in the country. Amateur bowlers, as well as the more experienced, meet several times a week on outdoor bowling alleys but also on improvised bowling alleys: dirt roads, car parks, house yards, parks, etc.

Municipalities and companies that decide to build a covered or indoor bowling green are guaranteed to offer the public a high quality playing field that allows them to enjoy their passion all year round and in all weathers.

There are several million amateurs in France who participate in pétanque competitions organised all over the country, between friends, between members of the same club or even as a family. The passion for pétanque is passed on from generation to generation: it is a popular sport, inter-generational and a way of living together. But it is also a sport that requires concentration, skill and technical agility.



Local authorities that choose to build a covered or indoor boulodrome provide an ideal response to a very strong demand from unconditional pétanque fans: to practice their favourite sport in all weathers.

The temperate indoor bowls courts have the most comfortable indoor temperature and protection against wind, rain and snow, allowing you to play your favourite game in comfort, whatever the weather outside and whatever the season.

The single or double-walled textile membranes that cover the frame of the bowling green filter out UV rays, protect the players and the facilities from rain and wind and maintain a pleasant temperature in the bowling green and on the various courts.


In addition, an economical gas radiant heating system, combined with an air circulation system, provides a high level of thermal comfort while limiting energy consumption. The difference with a heated bowling green is indeed significant: a tempered bowling green like those built by SMC2 consumes up to 50% less energy than a bowling green heated to even 16°C.

Practical because they allow you to play pétanque in all weathers and all year round, tempered indoor bowling alleys are also economical. They are also environmentally friendly because the frame, walls and framework are made of wood. Their environmental impact is therefore less than that of concrete buildings, for example, for an eco-responsible approach centred around the now inescapable notion of sustainable development.


Another strong point is that they blend in perfectly with their environment, thanks to their clean, modern and discreet lines.

SMC2 also offers the construction of heated indoor bowling alleys and covered outdoor bowling alleys.


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