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PreoSport®: The Outdoor Gymnasium by SMC2
22.12 2020

Faced with a real lack of sport and leisure facilities, with matters made worse by schools’ new schedules, their favour of extracurricular activities, and a shortage of available land, SMC2 developed a new indoor sports and recreation area solution that can be used to revamp an existing sports centre or develop a new site.

This concept is attracting the attention of more and more local communities. Nord, a French department in the north, is proof of this: it recently chose to start a development programme based on the concept by offering subsidies to cover sports facilities.

PREOSPORT® has many strengths: not only does it enable people of all ages to enjoy athletic activities year-round, this multipurpose indoor sports facility also has the advantages of being environmentally-friendly and economical.

A true “outdoor gym”, this solution is based on an innovative construction principle that offers many advantages:

  • Moderate investment and low upkeep costs
  • Turnkey solution, quick to implement
  • Long-lasting infrastructure: 30+ year lifespan / fabric cover guaranteed for 17 years

Sports for all

A true outdoor gym, the PREOSPORT® makes sport accessible to everyone, year-round, all while providing optimally comfortable playing conditions for all its users: natural lighting and real acoustic comfort (no echoing). Plus, its fabric cover provides protection from the elements in summer and winter. This allows athletes to take part in their sports in an open air environment regardless of the weather outside.

Developing sports facilities on a budget

Thanks to construction methods that favour dry processes and eco-materials, the PREOSPORT® is within communities’ reach, involving only a moderate investment. As it requires very little upkeep, it can become a true means for development for areas that suffer from a lack of sports facilities. For the price of a single traditional gym, 10 PREOSPORT® facilities could be built. This covered sports and recreation area can be used to revamp an existing sports centre or develop a new site.


PreoSport®: The Outdoor Gymnasium by SMC2

Ecologically-friendly and sustainable

Composed of a glued laminated timber roof structure with a fabric membrane, the PREOSPORT® boasts a lifespan of over 30 years and is 100% recyclable. Thanks to its eco-construction processes, installation has a minimal environmental impact.