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Wood construction cloakroom gymnasium
07.03 2016

SMC2 has designed and built an impressive 1,400m2 sports complex for the town of Croissy-sur-Seine near Paris. It provides local clubs and associations with tremendous facilities for sports and related activities. The complex was built, and is operated on eco-friendly principles in accordance with our company ethos. Find out more about them now!


A fully-featured sports complex
The complex comprises:
– a 684 m2 multi-sport hall
– a 700 m2 club-house / changing room building featuring: –
– a gym / fitness training room
– an office area
– a club room / reception hall
– 6 changing rooms with showers
The project also incorporates a 310m2 covered grandstand overlooking the adjacent athletics track.
Engineered foundations using 22m deep concrete piles were needed to overcome constraints posed by site geology.


A concept that’s both affordable and eco-friendly
This project was completed using hybrid glue-laminated timber (Glulam) /metal frame technology and textile architecture to provide an affordable and eco-friendly solution.
The sports hall is designed to provide a tempered environment of 12°C (ideal temperature for energy-intensive sports) by means of a gas powered radiant heating system. Thanks to the use of translucent tensile fabric roof cladding no artificial lighting is necessary for daytime use, a fact that affords significant energy savings for the Client.
The club house area was entirely built using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) on a prefabricated concrete floor. Thermal insulation was achieved using externally fixed proprietary wood based cladding panels.


Shorter construction deadlines
This project was completed in just 12 months. A very high degree of off-site pre-fabrication with simple on-site assembly & minimal wet trades saved time during construction. The concrete flooring, CLT changing rooms and Glulam frame over the sports hall were all prefabricated in SMC2’s production facilities.