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Frame structures
31.05 2022

In a logic of decarbonation and faced with the inescapable duty to lower our CO2 emissions to save our planet, SMC2 has adopted the motto “No CO2, Low Energy”. As part of this approach, we favour the use of wood. Its capacity to absorb carbon dioxide coupled with its architectural quality and mechanical performance make wood an ally in the creation of aesthetic, high-performance structures with limited environmental impact.

Wood, for ecological and aesthetic structures

During its growth phase, wood synthesises organic matter thanks to light energy, absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and releasing oxygen: this is photosynthesis. Thanks to its capacity to store CO2, wood therefore helps to combat global warming.

Wood also has aesthetic qualities. Its species offer a wide range of colours and textures. The assemblies ensure the finesse and elegance of the structures, whose components can be straight or curved. It allows for a great deal of freedom of form and assembly, with no limits on size or geometry. It is an unlimited source of inspiration that allows man to reconnect with nature.

Wooden structures chosen for their technical advantages

Beyond its aesthetic and ecological virtues, the glued laminated wood used by our team has significant technical advantages. From a safety point of view, this wood is resistant to fire and to aggressive atmospheric and chemical environments. It also has seismic qualities. It also provides dimensional stability in the event of temperature variations. Finally, wood offers comfort in the use of sports facilities thanks to its acoustic qualities.

Encouraging the use of wood means encouraging the dry sector. A source of many advantages, this method offers speed of execution: not using water means that there is no drying time between each stage of construction, which saves a lot of time.

The SMC2 difference

Among the many players in the wood construction industry, SMC2 stands out for its ability to offer turnkey solutions: we take care of bringing together all the necessary companies to offer a global solution to our clients.

For all our infrastructures, we take care to select bio-sourced materials with an efficient heating system. We manage external solar gain in both summer and winter to provide natural light and thermal comfort. We attach particular importance to indoor air quality. To this end, we favour the use of raw building materials that do not emit VOCs, which we combine with an efficient ventilation system.


SMC2, with its expertise in wood construction, offers a turnkey solution that is quick to implement, with controlled costs and reduced construction site pollution. We thus create varied and environmentally friendly infrastructures with optimised air quality.