Play areas

Play areas for all

Our play areas are spaces for the whole family to come together to enjoy themselves. They allow parents and grandparents to accompany children as they explore the world. They are truly wonderful places for inter-generational sharing.

Made of high-quality, durable materials, our playgrounds are designed to connect humans with nature through worlds that are both natural and fantasy, made of clouds, huts, totems and pebbles.

Our experts in play design go above and beyond to combine architecture and play to create striking, secure play environments that incorporate height and grandeur.

Covered by a tensile roof, our playgrounds can be used during all four seasons for maximum fun providing protection from the sun and rain.

Build a shelter, climb a tree, scramble up rocks… It is amazing how much can be learned through play. We help children expand their imaginations at each stage of their development with our creative play structures.

Play towers

Play towers provide veritable lookouts with views over towns or fields, which enable both big and small to climb up high above their surroun­­­dings.

Climb, and expend your energy reaching the summit, then rest a little and slide right back down. Then do it all over again, only this time go higher and faster. Height itself is synonymous with creating a certain excitement, our aim is to promote a strong sense of joy from play that embraces this sentiment.

Our timber tower structures can be built in towns or countryside reconnecting us with nature through use of sensitive materials.

The whole family can join in thanks to the added stairways that give easy access.

Trail length: 12 m
Peak: 9 m
Volume of games: 62 m3
Capacity in no. of children: 60

Their head in the clouds

A playground must be a creative space at heart in which a child can dream and develop their own imagination. We invite them into a universe that is light and delicate, a bubble where they can hide away again and again and imagine new worlds.


We are subconsciously all drawn back to the trees and the forest, and we continue to dream of that treehouse perched high in the branches. This is an ideal spot to develop ones imagination, well-hidden, far away from the worries of everyday life.

Play and sport intermingle, and it is often through play that children are drawn towards sports. By combining our universe of cabins with a sheltered multi-sports arena, we create family friendly places for sharing both play and sport.