Multi-purpose halls, sports and culture

These multi-use spaces can accommodate all manner of indoor sport (team sports, gymnastics, dance, martial arts, etc.) as well as cultural events, school performances, club events, etc.

We build the venues using structural Glulam timber. They are designed to comply with prevailing building codes to ensure maximal thermal performance with an emphasis on insulation and ventilation to ensure optimal user comfort.

A heating system is chosen according to the renewable energy source that best matches the project.

We also pay particularly close attention to the facility’s acoustic performance to ensure acoustic comfort for athletes and spectators during sports or cultural events.

We will advise you as to the right choice of flooring that is best suited to the destined uses for the hall while also aiming to minimising the level of routine maintenance.

Pull out tribune seating options can be included in the hall to welcome the public when events are being held.

on renewable energies

The provision of renewable energy can be included in our sports complexes by equipping them with photovoltaic roofs; the principle is in keeping with cost optimisation and the reduction of the facility’s carbon footprint.

The installation of photovoltaic panels can pay for itself within 20 years – including the maintenance and operating costs. In locations benefitting from strong sunshine, photovoltaics can quickly amortise the cost of the investment.

As an example, a photovoltaic roof on a tennis hall can produce enough energy to power 25 European households.