Construction of turnkey padel courts

Our range of turnkey padel solutions are unique in their design as we incorporate the padel court within our structure. Our padel halls feature translucent textile membrane roofing and upper facades . The glazed court walls form part of the building envelope. This enhances the internal brightness, aesthetic merit and also connects players with the outside.
The transparency of the materials used allow the players to see and be seen as they play creating a more exuberant sporting environment.

Unique padel courts

Ours are the only padel facilities that are fully ­engineered and certified as permanent structures that benefit from a ten-year guarantee. Our covered padel courts are in perfect compliance with the building control standards and legislative requirements for public buildings.

This fusion of padel and building makes it a unique product with perfect weathertightness ideal for comfortable play all year round.

Comfortable play for your padel match

100% protection from the elements, and most notably, from side winds, playing padel in an enclosed court within a tempered environment with hygrothermal regulation, ensures maximum player comfort. Risk of condensation on internal glass walls during the winter is eliminated. During the summer, comfort is ensured by louvred sunscreens and strategically placed openings for natural ventilation.