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Complexe sportif de Saint Ouen l'Aumone
24.03 2022


Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, a town in France with a population of nearly 25,000, has entrusted SMC2 with the construction of its new gymnasium. Gilbert Dérus, the town’s deputy mayor for sports, takes a look at the project.

Why did you invest in a new gymnasium?

Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône has many facilities in its area that allow for a wide variety of sports. Nevertheless, like many towns in the Paris region, we are short of facilities and it was therefore necessary to complete our offer. We took advantage of a free area within a sports complex, which includes a traditional gymnasium and two large playing fields, to build a new indoor structure.

What made you choose SMC2?

We had three essential criteria for this project: a building that was economical, met regulatory requirements and was built quickly. That’s why we were more interested in alternative solutions than in traditional techniques. We visited several projects and the tender was won by SMC2, based on the technical and financial criteria.

Can you present the building?

The Madeline Pauliac gymnasium itself measures 44 x 24 m and has several storage areas: one for the clubs, the teachers and the technical services. The building has a glued laminated timber frame, a textile membrane roof and, on two of the façades, a perforated metal double skin cladding to optimise acoustic insulation. Inside, the equipment is heated by gas radiators and has dehumidifiers to prevent condensation and improve thermal comfort.

An annex, independent of the gymnasium, includes two changing rooms, technical rooms and a reception area. The whole project was very well managed by the project manager and the companies, with a very harmonious result. In total, the work lasted 8 months for a total investment of €2 million, including €800,000 for the gymnasium, which is about half the cost of a traditional facility.

In addition, we were able to personalise the textile facade afterwards, thanks to stickers, mentioning in particular the name of the gym.

How is the gym used?

The gym has been used a lot since it was opened in September 2021: it is mainly used by students from two secondary schools and a high school, but also for training by team sports clubs, such as handball and basketball.

The first feedback is very positive, especially from the physical education and sports teachers who appreciate the natural light provided by the textile membrane. The LED lighting is rarely used, only at the end of the day, and this will be less and less the case with the arrival of the good weather. Thus, the operating cost should be reduced compared to other gymnasiums, with less consumption for lighting and heating: savings for our finances that are always welcome! We will make a first assessment after a full year of use.

To sum up, this is the first time we have invested in this type of building, and we will probably consider building more in the future.