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[Testimonial] Marion Evrard, Elue to Coignieres Sports (78)
10.12 2014

A second gym was installed in Coignières a few months ago. Marion Évrard, Municipal Councillor in charge of Sport, explains to us why they chose SMC2’s temperate gym.

Why did you want to build a second gym?

Our first gym is over 30 years old and it has become too small to meet the needs of a town of 4,500 inhabitants. In particular it is used by the primary schools, the secondary school and various sports associations and there weren’t enough time slots available. We therefore decided to build a second multi-sport hall.

Can you describe this new facility to us?

Firstly, we couldn’t have the two structures touching each other, as the first gym has large windows all down one side. We therefore opted to build it next door, adding a small corridor between the two and a closed lobby. The sports facility has a standard multi-sport hall where you can play basketball, volleyball, handball or badminton. For this area, we decided to adopt the concept designed by SMC2. We also had changing rooms and a storage room built.

Why did you choose the SMC2 concept?

We had heard of this alternative to a traditional gym, in particular this system using stretched fabric. After visiting a facility built by a competitor and one by SMC2, we were delighted by the concept of the latter which was technically very advanced. In particular the translucent membrane which provides excellent lighting. Obviously, the rapid construction time was also an important argument. It only took us one year to successfully finish the project. Moreover, the cost was less than a standard project, which was not to be ignored. We are really very happy with this building. I would add that we have already shown it to two local authorities who wanted more information and they also found the concept very interesting.



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