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[Testimonial] Roger Davy, Deputy Sports Deputy of Granville (50)
08.05 2021



Since the month of June, Granville (50), a town of nearly 13,000 inhabitants, has had a new covered structure for two of its tennis courts. It chose the SMC2 concept for the modernity of its structure and its speed of construction. Roger Davy, the town’s councillor for sports, looks back on this investment.


What was the origin of this project?
For the last 20 years or so, we had two resin courts covered with an inflatable bubble. That covering system was not optimal because it flew off two or three times during major windy spells leading to expensive repairs that took several weeks. In 2017, the gust of wind was stronger than previously and the bubble ripped, requiring repairs that needed a significant investment. This incident accelerated our project to change the structure for these two courts in order to invest in a robust and sustainable system.


Why did you choose the SMC2 concept?
Firstly, the site is located near Christian Dior’s childhood home, which has become a museum. So we wanted a modern and aesthetic structure, we couldn’t just put up any old building. During our visits to SMC2 buildings, we greatly appreciated the mix of glue-laminated timber and textile roofing.
Secondly, the construction speed was an important factor, because putting two courts out of action was very problematic for the members of the town’s tennis club (over 300). After the preparatory work (widening of the concrete platform, levelling…), the construction barely took 4 months.


Can you present the new structure?
It is an 8 metre high, 36 x 36 m building housing two courts. Its dimensions comply with the French Tennis Federation’s rules and can accommodate competitions. At the top is the stretched fabric cover that provides a lot of natural light, which was not the case before with the bubble as players had to systematically use lighting. We therefore make significant energy savings. The lower part of the structure is made of timber cladding and metal. Inside, we chose wood cladding on the sides. Furthermore, this concept provides very interesting hygrometric comfort, in particular with a constant temperature avoiding having to heat the courts and a humidity level of 65%.
In addition to the two courts, the building also has a 26 m2 equipment storage area and a 14 m2 club office.


What is the first feedback?
During the summer the outdoor clay courts are mainly used, so the club’s members have been using the indoor courts since the end of September. The first feedback is very positive, especially concerning playing comfort. For example, they no longer hear the continuous droning noise that was present with the bubble and they benefit from the very pleasant natural light.


Photo Credits: Granville town hall