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[Testimonial] Helene Bailly-Master and Pascal Auric, Pole Urban Landscapes from Avignon City Hall (84)
08.06 2021

The playground we created for the city of Avignon was inaugurated on Sunday 22nd December.


During the end of year and school holiday season, many children and teenagers attended with their parents to be the first to test this brand new facility. And the least we can say is that they were enthusiastic !


A high playground suitable for all generations composed of cloud-shaped stainless steel play modules. This design not only serves the elegance of the facility but also its fun and enjoyment. In terms of variety of games, there’s something for everyone: rocking games, trampolines, ropes, bridges … and of course slides, for the joy of young and old alike!


Our playgrounds are modular and adaptable to your needs and constraints. In addition to the Clouds range we have also developed a cabin style worldwhich can be built into a Preosport, our indoor multi-sports ground solution.


Thank you to the city of Avignon for having faith in us and for being the first town in France to choose an SMC2 playground, without doubt the first of a long series!


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