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Playgrounds: Impairable places for urban life
11.05 2021

Reinvented and modernised, playgrounds are now more than ever an essential part of urban fabric. Their construction and layout should therefore not be taken lightly: play is serious business!



Installed in the parks and gardens of every town and village in France, playgrounds are children’s territory. They are a place where the youngest children learn to socialise: they learn to walk, run and climb there, but also to imagine and interact with others. Playgrounds are a place where several generations come together to maintain neighbourhood or village life.
Playgrounds have significantly changed over the past few years, becoming complete play areas, play universes where children’s imaginations and senses are stimulated. Today, they must be able to accommodate a wide variety of users: toddlers, children, teenagers and parents. Many towns and cities therefore naturally look to playgrounds to transform neighbourhoods and make them more convivial and family-friendly.
At SMC2, we understand these new issues! The proof is in our innovative and design playgrounds that offer games suitable for all age groups.



When we design and build playgrounds, they are designed to adapt to all location configurations, but also to different age groups:

  • 0-4 years old – where play is mainly about discovering the environment under parental supervision;
  • 4-7 years old – where play is much more active and requires space and complex equipment;
  • 7-12 years old – where play is a group dynamic with organised activities.

Running, jumping, climbing, crawling, sliding, our playgrounds are ideal for developing children’s physical abilities and imaginations and allowing them to develop to their fullest potential.

Our playground concept allows for an infinite combination of different play elements (climbing walls, turnstiles, swings, mazes, etc.) to create a unique universe that adapts to target audiences.

Forget the basic frame and the boring slide! Today’s playgrounds are modern and complex play areas, fully fledged living spaces.



Among today’s playground expectations, there are two main issues: equipment safety and the low ecological impact of the construction.
SMC2 specialises in eco-responsible construction, including sustainable and environmentally friendly materials such as textile membranes and timber. We can therefore support you in the creation of playgrounds that meet the expectations of your citizens or visitors in terms of ecological exemplariness.

Even if playgrounds are supposed to be pleasant to use, welcoming and environmentally friendly, their first property must remain the safety they provide children. There are still many playground accidents. Even if some are due to lack of maintenance or poor supervision of children* , some are also caused by poor design. In addition to applying government recommendations on playgrounds, playgrounds should also be designed to reduce the risk of falls, impacts, etc. In particular, they should:

  • Offer ground coverings that cushion falls;
  • Create equipment that is easy to maintain;
  • Guarantee the durability of the games and the materials used;
  • Delineate the different play areas to avoid collisions, especially with swings, which are at the origin of 40% of fall accidents in playgrounds in England.

To find out more about playground construction that is both fun and safe, get in touch with our team!