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Covered Tennis Construction - Textile Cover
19.07 2022

SMC2, France’s leader in the construction of sports and leisure buildings, presents its covered outdoor tennis court solution. Economical and quick to set up, it combines the advantages of indoor play with the comfort of outdoor play!


The pleasure of outdoor play without the drawbacks

Thanks to its high-performance textile cover, the SMC2 outdoor tennis court allows players to enjoy the pleasures of playing outdoors while enjoying the advantages of a quality indoor construction.
They enjoy a great sense of space, good air quality and excellent light, while avoiding inconveniences such as shadows, glare, the dangers of direct and prolonged exposure to the sun or the impossibility of playing due to bad weather.
This makes it possible to play all year round!


Design speed

This solution consists of a textile cover resting on a wood/metal framework which is itself supported by wooden or metal pillars.
This type of dry construction allows a high speed of execution on site. For example, SMC2’s intervention in the design of 8 covered tennis courts for the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy lasted a total of only 4 months: 1.5 months for the foundations of the courtyard and 2.5 months for the assembly of the framework and the textile cover.


A sustainable solution
Designed to “stand the test of time”, the SMC2 covered outdoor tennis courts are a sustainable solution for cities and clubs:
The metal structures are highly resistant to corrosion, while the textile coverings are installed in such a way as to guarantee their perfect mechanical stability. The metal frameworks are highly resistant to corrosion, while the textile covers are mechanically stable and do not lose their translucency over time. They are coated with an anti-fouling varnish and do not require any special maintenance.