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Florian Bouziani, champion du monde du contre-la-montre en paracyclisme
12.07 2022

In this period of the Tour de France where cycling is in the spotlight, we are proud to announce that we are supporting the paracyclist Florian Bouziani. A few weeks before the world championships, let’s zoom in on this french athlete who has taken his revenge on life.

An ironclad determination

Originally a motocross enthusiast, Florian’s life was turned upside down in 2013 when he was caught in a fire that destroyed the motorbike workshop where he worked. With 80% of his body burnt, he was left paralysed in his feet and with his right index finger amputated.

But with a strong determination and an iron will, Florian fights to give a meaning to his life and finds refuge in cycling. Beginning this sport in a purely therapeutic perspective during his rehabilitation sessions, Florian blossomed little by little in this discipline which ended up becoming his passion. Progressing in this sport became a real objective in his life.

He redoubled his efforts and trained intensively until he took part in his first competitions at the end of 2018. In 2019, he surprised everyone by coming second at the Corridonia World Cup in Italy in the time trial, which then became his favourite event. After hard training and total dedication to para-cycling, Florian became world champion in time trial in Portugal in 2021.

A wealth of sporting news

After this world championship title, Florian is more motivated than ever to demonstrate his sporting performance. Will 2022 be the year of renewal? One thing is certain, it has started well with the first major title in May 2022: European Para-cycling Champion in the time trial event. A gold medal won in Austria with a 50-second lead over the runner-up!

This should give Florian confidence for the next two big competitions that await him in Canada in August: the World Cup and the Para-cycling World Championships. Will he manage to keep the rainbow jersey, the symbol of victory? In any case, that’s all we hope for!

No rest for Florian! Once back from Canada, he will have to train for a new competition that will take place in France in October: the 2022 Para-cycling Track World Championships.

All these competitions serve a double purpose for the athlete: to ensure his status as world number 1 and to obtain the best results to be selected for the 2024 Olympic Games!

Partners who support him

By supporting him, SMC2 helps Florian to make a living from his passion. This support allows him to travel to the different championships, to training sessions but also to maintain his equipment (bike, shoes adapted to his handicap…).

The whole SMC2 team is behind Florian and supports him in his sporting exploits. We admire the values of courage and perseverance that he shows on a daily basis. Congratulations Florian, we wish you all the best!