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SMC2 inaugurates the Manosque Indoor Foot Complex
04.06 2014

SMC2 designs the first futsal complex with a fabric membrane

A world-class sports centre was inaugurated in Manosque last week. The complex includes four indoor five-a-side football pitches and three padel courts as well as a restaurant, a lounge bar, and a business area. This complex is the first of its kind to have been designed with a fabric cover solution.

A distinctive feature of this project is that it was carried out in record time in order to ensure that it opened before the World Cup in Brazil. SMC2 is proud to have been chosen as the first company in France to build this type of complex with a fabric cover.

Have a look at the article below, written in La Provence by Laetitia Gentili.


An area for all footballers


“Le Complexe” was inaugurated last night with some star footballers in attendance, who attracted a large audience.


“Le Complexe” has been born. With its four five-a-side futsal pitches and three padel courts, as well as a restaurant, lounge bar, and business area, the inauguration of this new sports centre, situated in Grandes Terres, brought out quite a crowd. Amongst the crowd were Daniel Xuereb, a former member of Olympique de Marseille and the French national football team, Albert Emon, former OM and Manosque coach and assistant coach of the Olympiens, Ari Vatanen, a rally racer, as well as regional sports stars.


It took several years of effort before Laurent Chaumeton, president of the complex and former marketing director of the Simc, and his associate Olivier Amoureux, former owner of the Pizzeria de La Plaine, were able to see their dream become a reality. “It’s a fresh start, a chance to fly on my own wings”, said Michel Chaumeton in the company of his staff. “It’s the realisation of a project that has been underway for a little over three years. When I discovered these football facilities, I thought “why not do that here?” This is my home town, the city where I grew up and the place I want to invest myself in. We want to offer a solution that is in line with our city’s evolution, with regard to both its demographic and economic development.” A distinctive aspect of the Complexe is its padel courts, as the Manosque padel club is the first in France to sign with Henri Lecomte, who is a proponent of the sport in France. Padel is a cross between tennis and squash.


After padel exhibitions by French champions like Jeremy Scatena, it was the footballers’ turn to take to the synthetic court. Even more stars came out – pros, former pros from the Alpes and the EPM. Four teams took part in total, with one special guest, the La Provence football team. Facing champions, they scored four goals, with six goals against. They’re our champions!


Laetitia Gentili