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Wood construction school
16.09 2014

Modular wood construction is an innovative method that provides an economical, ecological and sustainable solution for communities. They are thus able to offer a healthy environment that encourages the development, discovery and learning of children.


Wood, an eco-material that promotes well-being and concentration

Wood is environmentally friendly and has many qualities that make it ideal for the design of educational facilities. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, it is a living material that has a positive influence on the quality of the air in the room and its humidity level. It contributes to the calm and serenity of students for optimal learning conditions. Naturally insulating, it allows great energy savings (20 to 30%) while offering excellent thermal comfort. Contrary to popular belief, wood is a resistant material that behaves well in the face of fire thanks to its slow combustion. Also, its use does not contribute to deforestation if it comes from sustainably managed forests.


A fast and clean building site

Modular construction consists of prefabricating the various elements of a building before transporting them to the site and finally assembling them. As everything is prepared in advance, this ingenious method of working requires little use of machinery and allows for rapid execution. The construction site is therefore cleaner and causes little nuisance. Modular construction is less expensive than conventional construction and allows communities to control their budget while offering children a quality environment in which to learn and develop.