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17.06 2016

SMC2 took part in building 8 covered tennis courts for the renowned Mouratoglou Tennis Academy located in Biot, in the centre of Sophia-Antipolis (06). This 4-month assignment was underpinned by SMC2’s 3 key principles, namely, fast assembly, aesthetic and structural lightness, natural light enhancement.


Large-scale fabric architecture
The 8 covered tennis courts comprise 4 hard courts and 4 clay courts. They are protected by a stretched fabric roof attached to a combined glue-laminated timber (glulam) & metal superstructure carried on glulam columns.
This canopy structure measuring 148 m x 44 m, used 140 m3 of glulam timber, 40 tonnes of steel and 6,000 m2 of tensile fabric. The beam assemblies each measured 75 metres and required 2 cranes to lift them into place.


Durability, lightness, luminosity
Sport centres appreciate framed fabric structures for their resilience, durability and the homogenous and effective natural illumination from daylight that they provide. Given the geographic location of the Mourataglou Tennis Academy, tensile fabric membrane with its low thermal inertia properties helps to protect users from the intense heat of the sun’s rays, making this an excellent choice.


Fast build schedule
Although the overall project duration was 8 months, SMC2’s participation on site lasted only 4 months: the foundations and court bases were completed in 1 ½ months, and the structural frame, fabric roof and 2 micro-perforated membrane/timber clad gable walls, 2 ½ months.
Deadlines were kept thanks to our expertise and advance off-site preparation of the dry construction elements.


SMC2 is deeply committed to sporting values and is proud to have contributed to the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy training courts, which will be used by tomorrow’s best players!