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How does the BIM method contribute to the quality of SMC2 achievements?
23.06 2016

In order to guarantee its clients high-performance, robust and environmentally responsible projects, SMC2 uses the “BIM method” throughout the design process. What does it consist of and what are its advantages compared to the traditional design method?


Collaboration and wealth of information

The BIM method is a work process that revolves around a single digital file that brings together all the information relating to the construction of the building.
Working from this single file facilitates and enriches collaboration between the various players involved in the project: clients, design offices, architects, engineers, contractors, etc.
All this information allows the 3D modelling of the structure, both in its globality and in the smallest details. Each of the elements that contribute to its construction are referenced with all the characteristics that concern them: components of the structure, the framework, the electrical installation, the heating system, the air conditioning, the plumbing, etc. All this information interacts with each other and is used to create the 3D model of the building.
All this information interacts with each other and allows the strengths and weaknesses of the building to be identified. It is, for example, possible to simulate the energy consumption of the building based on its equipment and insulation: this is particularly useful to SMC2 in order to create the most environmentally friendly structures possible.

An optimised project for real time and cost savings

During a “traditional” design project, information about the building is entered a number of times by each of the different actors. This can lead to errors and inconsistencies that can cause delays on site and budget increases.
With the BIM method, all the actors in the project work from the same source and therefore from the same technical and administrative information: materials, energy calculations, location of the various elements, etc. The risk of errors and manufacturing defects is thus eliminated, and the construction site can proceed exactly as planned.

With the help of the BIM method, SMC2 is able to respond in the best possible way to the needs and requirements of its clients by producing quality constructions that are durable, economical and efficient.