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Temperate gym SMC2: What are its advantages?
01.09 2020

It is economical and provides all of the necessary comfort needed for dynamic sports. SMC2 recommends the ‘12°C Temperature Regulated Sports Hall’ to municipalities with limited budgets that are seeking to find cost effective ways to encourage sports and associative activities in their towns.


Game comfort guaranteed 
With its single or double fabric cover, the ‘Temperature Regulated Sports Hall’ is an ideal space for practicing dynamic sports in all seasons.
Its low thermal inertia ensures year round player comfort while its translucency provides optimal natural lighting, averaging 800 lux and balancing out any dark or overly bright areas. In addition its form and composition impacts positively upon the hall acoustics by curbing echo and reverberation phenomena.
Regulated to 12°C, the hall can be heated to facilitate the comfort of any spectators attending tournaments and competitions.


Significant savings
Temperature regulated halls save up to 50% in operational costs when compared to halls heated to 15°C.
This is largely due to the fabric membrane cover which economises on:
– annual energy bills by reducing heating and air-conditioning costs.
– artificial lighting costs by using natural daylight.
With a lifespan equal to other materials traditionally used to cover sports halls (about 30 years), the fabric membrane is up to twice as economical. It requires no particular maintenance and naturally retains its translucence.
Lastly, further savings are made on the cost of construction since the different component parts are prepared off-site in advance leaving only a simple assembly operation on site. This enables us to:
– shorten construction times
– reduce the use of heavy machinery to a minimum
– minimise waste

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