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Engineer Site Manager Nicolas Robin SMC2
01.10 2020

SMC2: a partner for professionals in architecture and construction

With industrial production methods and the best digital tools at its disposal, SMC2 is able to satisfy all the requirements of professionals in terms of construction and architecture. Serving both private companies and local authorities, SMC2 offers solid guarantees to justify its status as a key partner. On the agenda: speed of execution, technical reliability, cost control, and low nuisance on the sites.

SMC2: qualified teams at every stage of your project

The success of a construction or architectural project depends largely on the skills of the teams in charge of it. Engineers, draughtsmen, economists, architects, graphic designers: the professionals involved at each stage of a project are responsible for ensuring that operations run smoothly and that the work is carried out in accordance with the requirements set out at the start of the project.

From this upstream design to the execution on site, the SMC2 teams master all the technologies that are the strength of our company. By entrusting your wood construction, textile architecture or other project to SMC2, you benefit from the expertise of many professionals. At SMC2, architects and computer graphics specialists design your future works. Engineers and draughtsmen study and analyse the structures and envelopes of these works, to ensure that they comply with construction regulations. Finally, economists study each item of expenditure in detail to ensure that you have control over your construction budgets.


The 3D “BIM” method for your construction and architectural projects

Throughout your project, the SMC2 teams ensure that they stay close to you and listen to your requirements. To meet your expectations and avoid unpleasant surprises, the SMC2 teams use the 3D BIM method.

The 3D BIM method is a digital mock-up tool designed to design and analyse a construction or architectural project from start to finish. The 3D BIM method offers a real-time description of the project. As a result, it is easier to check that the progress of the project is in line with your ideas and wishes.

Efficient and effective team management

The management of the teams largely determines the progress of a site and the delivery of a construction on time. At SMC2, all our teams are managed by an experienced and passionate team leader. SMC2 managers are committed to their tasks and ensure that the work is carried out correctly on a daily basis. Thanks to their experience in the field, they ensure that timber construction, textile architecture and other projects are carried out on time and safely.


Timber construction, textile architecture: many techniques mastered

In 2020, the construction industry must inevitably deal with the context of environmental preservation and the fight against global warming. In France as well as on the international scene, construction professionals are invited to implement more environmentally friendly construction and architectural techniques.

SMC2 has been involved in this eco-responsible approach since its creation, and today masters numerous and varied construction and architectural techniques. By combining the intrinsic qualities of each of them, it is thus possible to propose constructions that meet environmental challenges, without sacrificing aesthetics, safety, cost or the practicality of the infrastructures.

The use of materials recognised for their ecological and technical performance

This is one of SCM2’s strong points in its construction projects: using materials recognised both for their technical performance (strength, durability, etc.) and for their ecological performance (thermal qualities, recycling, low carbon footprint, etc.). In practice, this desire to adopt an eco-responsible construction approach is reflected in

  • The massive use of wood;
  • The use of composite membranes (textile roofing);
  • The use of metals such as steel for the design of frames, panels, facades and roofing.