Transparent or coloured, ETFE films are primarily used to deliver striking transparent weatherproof roof coverings and façades that allow daylight to flood modern buildings with minimal use of material resources.

ETFE offers unique architectural qualities:

  • More than 90% transparency
  • Solar protection with customised prints and colours
  • Ultra-Lightweight: ETFE films of 200 μm thickness weigh around 350 g/m2
  • Recyclability: ETFE is made of fluorite, a common mineral that does not contain solvents
  • ETFE is UV penetrable so that vegetation can be grown beneath it.

Roofs or façades made using ETFE technology are available in two formats :

  • Monofilm layer incorporating a reinforcing mesh made of stainless-steel cables for stability.
  • Pressurised inflated cushions which maintain geometry and resist imposed climatic loads. The ‘cushions’ are insulating and can therefore be used be used to cover swimming pools for example.

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