Tensile facades

Tensile façades can be used to enhance your building’s architectural expression by combining adaptations of form, texture, translucency, colour, and printed graphics.

They create bio-climatic shells which help to control solar gains and thermal losses. Addition of a secondary tensile skin to a façade imparts a strong visual identity and improves energy efficiency. SMC2 offer tensile fabric curtain wall facades that gentrify exiting buildings – “what’s old is new again”.

Tensile façades can be combined with all other façade materials (timber, steel, mineral, composite) for tailor-made solutions.

Facetted or curved shapes allow for daring novel design.

Use of light projection can animate and add dynamism to your building, totally changing its appearance at nightfall. Light architecture can be used to communicate a building’s presence.

With SMC2 you’re promised a comprehensive and highly engineered turnkey package that includes everything needed for a successful project: (structural calculations; thermal and acoustic analyses; architectural plans, layouts and renditions; detailing of joints; full fabrication and installation).