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tertiary: preserve the health of its employees with wood architecture
27.08 2015

Wooden architecture is the technical solution favoured by SMC2 when designing infrastructures dedicated to sport, education and culture in order to preserve the health of children and allow them to develop in a healthy environment. This is why SMC2 also uses this type of design when constructing buildings dedicated to tertiary sector companies: to provide an environment with certified air quality and thermal comfort for employees.


Quality insulation
With 80% of employees complaining about the temperature in their offices, insulation is a key element in the construction of company buildings. By favouring wooden architecture, which eliminates thermal bridges and can be up to 20 times more insulating than concrete, SMC2 buildings comply with the 2012 Thermal Regulations and the High Environmental Quality approach. This saves energy while ensuring a good temperature for the employees.


Healthy air
While we spend many hours each day working indoors, the air can become even more polluted than outside (VOCs: volatile organic compounds, humidity, dust mites, bacteria, etc.). Wooden architecture helps to ensure healthy air in company premises.
Indeed, wood is a material that is known to “breathe”. It naturally regulates the hygrometry in the rooms. It is also less absorbent than other materials and does not retain dust and dust mites. In addition to this, SMC2 selects materials with the lowest VOC emissions for healthy air that protects the health of employees: insulation, coatings, paints, etc.