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[Testimonial] Hugues Cavallin, President of the Paris Tennis League
28.07 2015

“We wanted a concept that was both robust and good-looking”


A few months ago, SMC2 delivered the metal-textile roofing over four tennis courts at Porte des Lilas in Paris. Hugues Cavallin, chairman of the Paris Tennis League talks about the project.


Why did you decide to roof these four courts?
The Paris Tennis League had four covered courts and five outdoor courts, four of which are located on a terrace just above the covered courts. However, we were still short of covered facilities so we decided to roof the four courts on the terrace. The whole project was designed with the building’s architect since his architectural statement is quite a strong one.


Was the project a major step ahead for the club?
Yes, definitely. It empowered us to continue to develop our excellent facility which now boasts nine covered courts, a clubhouse and several change rooms. In all, some 3,000 players use the club, which operates at an occupancy rate of 95%. It’s a facility that has really found its ideal positioning. We host the Paris championships, numerous youth events and several Parisian clubs that make use of the facilities during available time slots.


Why did you choose a textile roof by SMC2 to cover these courts?
After several discussions with the architect, we consulted several people. The brief was to implement a concept that was both robust and good-looking, and one that the buildings would be able to support, since they are on a terraced area. We also wanted certified courts that would meet the French Tennis Federation’s requirements. Se we looked at the various possibilities and opted for SMC2’s system, mainly because it met all these criteria. In addition, the company already has an impressive project portfolio.


What feedback have you had so far?
The initial feedback is excellent. The work is delivering full satisfaction, both from the sporting and architectural standpoints. In fact, because the new structure was being added to the existing one, it was vital that it fitted in seamlessly. Both the architect and us were extremely demanding on this point and the result is a great success.