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[Testimony] Jean-Philippe Recamento, President of the Tennis Club Amicale Courvilloise (28)
01.10 2020

« A structure that fits perfectly into the landscape »


SMC2 has just built a covered structure for two tennis courts in Courville-sur-Eure (France). Blending in perfectly with the surrounding listed monuments, it allows the club to take its development to a new level. We spoke to Jean-Philippe Récamento, president of the tennis club, who initiated the project.


Why did you want to cover two courts?

Until now, we only had two outdoor porous concrete courts and a few slots in two gymnasiums to practice during the winter. These conditions were insufficient to offer year-round activities to our 110 members. So, to create a new dynamic within the club, it was decided with the town hall to cover the two existing courts (while renovating them) and to build two additional outdoor courts.


What was the main problem with the project?

The site is located near several listed buildings (Saint-Pierre Church, Porte Saint-Nicolas, etc.), so it had to accommodate a facility that would fit in perfectly with its surroundings and meet the requirements of the Architectes des Bâtiments de France. The company SMC2 was chosen for this project and was able to adapt perfectly by proposing a structure that met the desired criteria. The white textile roofing membrane allows a maximum amount of light to pass through. It is guaranteed for 22 years and does not require any particular maintenance. On the façade, the membrane is brown in order to blend in with the park next door. In addition, the sub-base of the building is 4 m high in order to be in line with the clubhouse and thus obtain a harmonious whole. Inside, the structure has a wooden frame with a single line of intermediate posts.


Can you present the building?

The building consists of a 140 m2 zinc clubhouse with changing rooms, storage rooms, an office and a living area. Afterwards, the sportsmen and women have direct access to the sports area, which consists of two courts with a needle-punched membrane and a very fine ceramic sand filling. Both courts are lit by about 30 LED spotlights each. However, so far we haven’t had to use the lighting much, except from 5.30 or 6 pm, because the textile membrane allows a maximum of light to pass through, without it being a nuisance for the sportsmen, with no shadow areas. It’s very pleasant, while allowing us to save energy.


What is the first feedback from users?

The members are very satisfied because the playing conditions are optimal. Since they were inaugurated in September, the indoor courts have been very busy: about 40 hours a week for training, a dozen hours at weekends for competitions, not counting the slots reserved for leisure activities… With these new facilities, the club has already increased the number of members to 140 and our objective is to reach 250 in the near future.


Photo credits: SMC2 / Tennis-club Amicale Courvilloise