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Wood construction: control costs for superior quality
16.02 2021

In a sometimes tense economic context, the construction of a building or a sports facility is very often the subject of a rigorous budgetary study. While many clients want to save on the cost of construction, few are willing to accept a reduction in the quality of the construction. With its many advantages, timber construction seems to be the ideal solution for solving this savings/quality equation!


Timber construction: significant savings

As an alternative to traditional construction, timber construction is appealing to many companies and local authorities wishing to invest in cost-effective infrastructure (warehouses, sports halls, etc.). The good news is that timber construction allows you to make savings in two stages: first on the cost of construction, then on the cost of use.

Savings on construction costs

Timber construction is part of what is known as the “dry sector”. This is an environmentally friendly construction method, which results in the following on site :

  • Greater speed of execution: the dry method does not, by definition, use water, and therefore eliminates the various drying times between the stages of construction;
  • More precision in construction;
  • The upstream preparation of the construction elements, prefabricated in the factory, for a much faster implementation on site.

Compared to the traditional (or “wet”) construction method, the dry construction method reduces the amount of money spent on construction. With timber construction, the adage “time is money” takes on its full meaning, as the shorter construction time saves you both time and money.

Savings on the cost of use

For a long time presented as a noble, ecological and aesthetic material, wood has other advantages when it comes to construction: it is energy-efficient. Combined with other materials such as textile roofing, wood construction allows savings to be made throughout the operation of the building, significantly reducing the energy bill. Just one point to illustrate these possible savings in running costs: wood is up to 20 times more insulating than concrete!


Wooden construction: superior quality and maximum comfort

Already environmentally responsible and economical in terms of energy and budget, timber construction also offers great architectural freedom. Today, it is possible to imagine a wooden construction on all types of land, with a contemporary or innovative design. Wooden construction can be clad with all kinds of materials (metal, glass, brick, etc.) and meets all aesthetic requirements.

On the inside, the insulating properties of wood guarantee airtightness and better regulation of hygrometry. Very popular for the design of passive buildings, timber construction is also attractive to all those who are looking for a healthy building with very low energy consumption and high thermal comfort. The warmth and sense of well-being that wood construction creates for both users and people who come across the building in their daily environment is also worth mentioning.


SMC2 expertise for your timber construction

SMC2 has been an expert in the construction of wooden buildings since its creation, and assists all companies and local authorities in the design of wooden buildings with a twofold objective: to control costs and to offer a superior quality of finish. The know-how of our teams and the creativity of our professionals enable us to satisfy all the needs and requirements of our clients in this field.