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02.02 2021


Located in the heart of cities, playgrounds are the territory of young children. Through the natural and fanciful worlds of our play equipment, we help them build their imagination. Totems, clouds, pebbles or even huts, our innovative structures with their elegant design, offer children a vast field of exploration.

The playground is a space where several generations rub shoulders, since it welcomes toddlers, young children, teenagers, but also parents and grandparents.

We have therefore designed the construction of our play areas so that, on the one hand, the different age groups can interact. And on the other hand, so that accompanying adults are no longer mere spectators, but can also explore the world alongside the children.


Nous avons à cœur de proposer des aires de jeux qui répondent aux besoins de tous les enfants, en fonction de leur âge.

  • Between 0 and 4 years old: the youngest children observe the environment and discover their senses, with parental guidance.
  • Between the ages of 4 and 7: play becomes more physical and interaction with others becomes more present. The child needs more complex structures to develop his or her creativity and imagination.
  • Between 7 and 12 years: Group dynamics are very present at this time. Activities are structured, organised and role-playing is important.
  • 12 years and over: children like physical games, exercise and group play.

All our playgrounds allow children to observe, act and interact. They are play areas that accompany the youngest in the construction of their imagination, but also in the various stages of their development. They will be able to run, jump, climb, contemplate, crawl or slide on the structures put at their disposal. We offer different courses according to age, adapted to the children’s motor skills and physical abilities.

Slides, tunnels, ropes, nets, firemen’s poles, mazes, sensory areas: budding adventurers will be spoilt for choice, with all the play elements to be combined endlessly!


Our play areas are based on 4 main themes, reminiscent of nature, which you can combine with each other:

  • Clouds : an elegant and aerial design, which can be placed in a school or in the centre of a square. The clouds can be combined in different ways and can accommodate various play elements, depending on the age group.
  • Totem poles : the totem pole structure, which can be used in all weathers, gives children’s activities an extra dimension and revolutionises the way they play.
  • Huts: building a hut is a must for children. We wanted to offer them shelters, which allow both the older children to practice a sporting activity and the younger ones to explore.
  • Pebbles: designed to introduce a course, to link different modules or to play alone, pebbles can be integrated everywhere.

We pay particular attention to the ecological impact of our play areas. This is why we use as much as possible sustainable, environmentally friendly materials with a reasonable footprint.

Finally, safety is an essential element in our constructions. We offer you equipment that is easy to maintain, resistant and laid on surfaces that cushion falls.

Contact the SMC2 experts to find out more, we are here to help you create a playground that is aesthetic, eco-responsible, safe and of course fun and original!

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