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23.09 2016

Due to the popularity of the game of boules and the ever-increasing number of players, many local authorities are choosing to build a boulodrome in order to provide them with a structure that allows them to play this sport in the best conditions.

Thanks to its know-how in wood and textile construction, SMC2 is able to offer local authorities boulodromes that are fully adapted to their projects and to the specificities of this sport. Sports buildings that are both economical and environmentally friendly, both during their construction and operation.


From outdoor to indoor

SMC2’s solutions for bowling alleys are based on 2 main types:

  • Covered outdoor bowling green: consisting of a textile membrane stretched over a mixed glued laminated wood/galvanised steel framework.
  • Temperate or heated indoor bowling alley: consisting of a wooden frame with a mixed glued laminated wood/galvanised steel framework, a textile roof/façade and peripheral wooden cladding.

Additional equipment can be added to the project to accommodate players and spectators: clubhouse, changing room, terrace, etc.


The advantages of SMC2 solutions

In single or double wall depending on the construction, the textile membrane represents an excellent roofing solution which allows the practice of activities whatever the weather.

Translucent, it guarantees visual comfort with bright, even and natural lighting, without glare or shadows. It also contributes to good thermal comfort thanks to its low inertia, even in strong sunlight. This good performance is reinforced by the excellent natural insulation provided by wood in the construction of tempered or heated indoor bowling alleys. This results in significant energy savings during the operation of the building.

Offering the same lifespan as other traditional roofing materials at half the cost, it requires no special maintenance and retains its qualities/performance.



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