Smc2 mag


29.06 2016

The PREOSPORT® solution by SMC2 is a sports and recreational facility that can be used the whole year round thanks to its fabric membrane roof. It is an affordable solution that can be built over existing sports areas and new sites. In 5 points, discover the advantages that have already convinced a lot of organisations to adopt one:


10 times more economical than a conventional sports hall
Lots of organisations are facing a serious shortage of sports and leisure infrastructures, so SMC2 has come up with the PREOSPORT® as an affordable solution. In fact, this solution turns out to be 10 times more economical, both as an initial investment and in the long-term, than a conventional gymnasium.


Great playability
Thanks to its fabric membrane roof, the PREOSPORT® lets you keep playing outdoor sports and leisure activities the whole year round, no matter what the weather’s like. The playing area not only stays high and dry, it is also sheltered from sunlight (and hence heat) because of its low thermal mass. The fabric membrane is translucent to provide visual comfort free of shadow areas and glare.
Its general features also make the PREOSPORT® an ideal place for meeting and mixing.


A time-proof solution
A PREOSPORT® outdoor sports hall is a long-lasting facility with a lifetime in excess of 30 years. Delivered with a 17 year warranty, its fabric membrane roof does not lose any performance over time (translucency, strength) and requires no special maintenance.


Fast delivery …
Excluding administrative timeframes for granting the building permit, a PREOSPORT® is ready for use within a month, mainly because it does not require any heavy concrete foundation work.

… And environment-friendly
Dry process construction technology is used for the PREOSPORT® and provides precious energy, time and money savings. The composite fabric membrane used for the roof is 100% recyclable, and the glulam roof frame is made exclusively of wood from sustainably managed forestry.