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The practice of athletics by all time: a requirement for French clubs
03.01 2021

For several years now, we have been seeing growth in the construction of athletics halls that compete with traditional outdoor stadiums, the French Athletics Federation having understood the interest of these new infrastructures.


Athletics halls, ideal solutions for competitions

Fully covered and temperate if necessary, athletics halls make it possible to organise competitions in all weather, all year round, without needing to worry about weather conditions: rain, wind, cold, snow, sun… The biggest regional, national, European and even international athletics competitions can be organised there in the best conditions for athletes and the general public.

For example, the Miramas athletics hall which the SMC2 team designed and built in the Bouches-du-Rhône region of France, has already hosted several national and international competitions, such as the prestigious French Elite Championship in February 2019. It’s impossible to organise such large-scale events outdoors in the middle of winter, and the indoor stadium was the ideal solution.

The Miramas Métropole Stadium is one of the largest indoor athletics halls in Europe, which has the added advantage of bringing together in a single place:

  • A running track;
  • Jumps (high jump, long jump, triple jump and pole vault);
  • Throwing facilities (hammer, javelin, shot put…) ;
  • And a gymnasium for team sports competitions in particular.

A true all-in-one, which makes it possible to organise all athletics events in the same place and in the best conditions for the athletes.

The French Athletics Federation thus has a valuable tool for the organisation of major events bringing together the best athletes, with an excellent image of modernity and dynamism given to the various audiences: foreign federations, institutions, press and media, clubs, supporters, etc.


Modular spaces for athletics but not only

Athletics halls such as the one in Miramas also have the essential facilities and ancillary equipment:

  • Large capacity bleachers for an audience ranging from 5,000 to more than 7,000 seats depending on the configuration;
  • A reserved press area;
  • Boxes for works committees;
  • A VIP area.

Everything is there to guarantee that the organisation of meetings and competitions is a success at every level.

Furthermore, due to their design, the athletics halls are fully modular and can host sports competitions (individual and team sports) as well as shows and concerts. The venue is thus perfectly suited to the holding of different events depending on the needs.


Harmonious architecture for an exceptional structure

The Miramas athletics hall, which we built in partnership with Travaux du Midi (a subsidiary of Vinci Construction France), the Chabanne Architecte firm and the Serge Ferrari group, is a truly exceptional structure of impressive size: 130 metres long by 82 metres wide. It combines harmonious lines with a combination of sustainable materials to create a modern and ecological building.

The use of timber in the construction of the structure and framework is fully in line with an eco-responsible approach, and the textile membranes that cover the whole allow the diffusion of a very high quality, soft light that doesn’t dazzle.

The architectural lines and shapes of these halls also provide excellent thermal and acoustic qualities and perfectly merge into any outdoor urban environment.

To find out more about our expertise in the construction of athletics halls, contact us.